How Certain Colors Can Trigger your Hunger and Appetite

There’s a popular saying which is a fact as well – “you eat with your eyes first.” It’s true that the aesthetics of food presentation is important, but there’s more to what meets the eye (pun intended!). Notice how you have strong urge to grab something to eat while scrolling through food photos on instagram or even while watching cooking shows? But most importantly, there are certain colors that instantly make us hungry and food companies tend to cash in on this color psychology and the associated human reaction that it elicits. For example, when you drive past restaurants with big bold signs primarily in the shades of yellow, orange, red, you need a mountain of will power from not pulling over and order that yummy pizza, or grab just a burger, or just a few of those crispy French fries. Also, have you noticed Burger King, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, KFC use red, yellow, orange colors prominently in their logos and menu cards? There’s a popular theory titled “Ketchup and Mustard theory,” in which the pairing of yellow and red colors can prompt an  immediate urge to eat something and even start the process of salivation in some cases. On the other hand, colors such as grey, purple, blue tend to douse appetite and are thus used in appetite suppressant stuff. Here’s a trivia that you need to know – you can buy blue-tinted weight loss sunglasses in Japan, which makes all your food blue and thus you would lose your appetite, eat less, and lose weight in the process! During our evolutionary process, food with blue and purple hues were considered poisonous and we are not drawn to get excited on seeing such food (baingan ki sabzi for example) 😛 Certain colors can act as cues that activate the hypothalamus region of the brain that triggers appetite, and make cravings for certain foods intense. Food joints deliberately use this color psychology and use certain colors to get you into the hunger mode. So, let’s find out which colors have a hold on your “hunger switch” and if you agree with us on the above-mentioned statements.

How Certain Colors Can Trigger your Hunger and Appetite

1. Red: Just take a look around you, and notice how billboards of restaurants, logos and even menus are all painted in bright hues of red. Red signifies passion, excitement, and it’s the color that elicits the strongest reactions – whether anger or passion. Researchers say red can make you the most hungry. It attracts attention, increases your heart rate, and trigger appetite.

2. Yellow: This bright color signifies happiness and elicits good feelings. It has been found to stimulate appetite the most. When you see yellow, your brain secretes more serotonin, one of those happy hormones which makes you feel good. Yellow instantly grabs attention and triggers appetite.

3. Orange: It’s also a color that can set the hunger bells ringing. It also signifies that the food is of good quality, affordable, thus budget friendly.

4. Green: Food companies have also started to use the color green extensively to signify that their food is natural, organic, and basically healthy.

So, the next time around, you feel hungry while driving past those huge billboards with yellow, red, and orange logos, you now know why. And if weight loss is on your mind, do check out the Rati Beauty diet, a nutrient-dense weight loss plan where you get drop overall weight as well lose inches as well.

How Certain Colors Can Trigger your Hunger and Appetite
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